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Peter Twist played 5 years of CIAU varsity hockey for The University of British Columbia and McMaster University, lettering at both schools and also winning the Best Defenseman Award with both teams. Following graduation, Twist was the Strength & Conditioning Coach in 1991/92 when UBC Athletics was ranked number one in Canada.

Currently, Twist is in his seventh year on the Vancouver Canucks coaching staff, helping the team to the Stanley Cup finals in 1994. He oversees player development for the Canucks, Syracuse Crunch and drafted players in college and junior, with a holistic philosophy encompassing evaluation, psychology, nutrition, on-ice tactics, conditioning, strength, speed and quickness, agility, flexibility, and injury rehabilitation.

Twist, an Exercise Physiologist and Sport Scientist, has authored dozens of articles on player development and has written two books on hockey conditioning. He is President of the Hockey Conditioning Coaches Association and Co-Editor of the Journal of Hockey Conditioning & Player Development.

A past-Provincial Director of the NSCA (94–98), Twist was the 1998 recipient of the President’s Award, given annually to a North American coach who has shown performance excellence and dedication to the fields of coaching and athletic development. His research and authoring of conditioning articles led to the development of the Hockey Conditioning Coaches Association for the NSCA                    

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Hockey Specific Dryland Training


Improve your explosive speed, footwork, stopping quickness, lateral movement, cutting and turning, single leg balance, dynamic balance and mobility.
Develop the tools and skills that result in successful one-on-one maneuvers! Become a more creative offensive player and an impossible to beat defensive player! This camp will help you skate, shoot, check & play better than ever. Develop the sport speed to succeed!                                                

Build superior strength in your core, legs and upper body. We will show you how to accelerate your results and build the specific strength needed to compete. Lying down on a bench and pressing a lot of weight means little on the court, field or ice! You must develop functional strength that gives you an edge during sport actions. And forget aerobics. If your game involves short sprints, stop and starts, and full out efforts, why would you train like a 10k runner? You must drive up your anaerobic conditioning to play fast and skillful right to the last second!

Get the most our of your game by building sport-specific strength and anaerobic conditioning. The results will blow your competition away! 

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